Purpose and Process

Founded in 2008.

Our favorite projects are the hard projects, the necessary ones.  We seek committed clients and real boundaries.  We have excellent partners for engineering.  We study building codes carefully. We constantly listen to our clients’ needs.

Our ambition, and our purpose is bigger:

  • We love urban locations.  We love renovations.  We work in the city and promote community.
  • We love working with clients with vision and known needs.  We promote mixed-use development.
  • We work for reclamation and redemption of empty spaces.
  • We design toward beauty, through proportion, necessity, and color and light.
  • Sustainability is a necessity.  Material selections will be natural, non-toxic, local, enduring.  We understand daylighting.  We’ll present efficiency options for mechanical and electrical systems.  We’re completely excited about new materials, systems, and strategies.

Whether the project is a restaurant in an abandoned warehouse, or a church on a hill, or a combination of both with housing mixed in, we’d love to pursue it with you.


We’re ready to begin, once you know:

  • Your needs,
  • Your location, and
  • Your budget

We work in phases:

  1. Pre-design – review of existing conditions and analysis of the site.
  2. Schematic Design – conceptual space planning and coordination, and summary of your costs.
  3. Design Development – coordination with engineering, and preliminary pricing.
  4. Construction Documents – drawings and specifications for permitting, contract pricing, and construction.
  5. Bidding or Negotiations – coordination with selected contractors.  Permitting often occurs during this phase.
  6. Construction Contract Administration – preparation of the contract for construction, and advocacy throughout the construction process.


Our fees are modest and competitive.  Our fees are generally calculated as a percentage of the construction cost, and relate to a practical number of hours that we expect to invest in the work.  For smaller projects and exploratory opportunities, we may work on an hourly basis.  Projects are invoiced monthly based on percentage complete, and at project milestones.  By policy, we do not release plans for any purpose if fees are past due.