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window in a tall building

My mind tends to be over-introspective by habit, and a new year is the time to endorse that habit, to hide away in a warm corner of a quiet house, maybe find a fire and a small table, a cup of something hot to drink. I stare out windows: Airplanes, tall buildings, landscape views. Our …read more →

Open House

Our 7th anniversary and our new office space. Plenty to celebrate, and we’d like to celebrate with you! We’re having an Open House this First Friday, November 6, 5-8pm. Come on up to the 5th floor, Suite 502, of the Raleigh Building to join the party!  

desert life

Some people plan for vacations, perhaps most people do.  In our family, it’s more abrupt.  Vacation starts when the TTA recommends that we arrive at the airport.  These are the moments when other people control your life, when even my addiction to technology has no influence.  Take off your belt and shoes.  Put your laptop, …read more →