Place-making is among the more helpful definitions of what Architects do.  Had a conversation with a good friend this week, who knows our business well, and he still surprised me by dramatically miss-understanding our work.  So, let’s say that place-making is one of the first things we do, on the good days. And there is a need […]

blogpost – you’re a terrible architect

That was the first sentence of an email I received from a client, after two years of project changes, stalls, and billing issues brought me to the point where I refused to make another change.  The customer is always . . .  we don’t have customers.  We have clients.  We’re not a buffet. But the […]

window in a tall building

My mind tends to be over-introspective by habit, and a new year is the time to endorse that habit, to hide away in a warm corner of a quiet house, maybe find a fire and a small table, a cup of something hot to drink. I stare out windows: Airplanes, tall buildings, landscape views. Our […]